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 Getting And Staying In Shape Becomes More Important As We Age. Learn How You Can Stay Active And Live A Happier And More Productive Life. Senior Fitness Like Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga, or any other Types Of Physical Activity Is The Key To Healthy Aging. It’s Never Too Late To Shape Up.

 Older Adults Are Living Longer And Better Lives By Taking Care Of Themselves Mind, Body And Soul Through Exercise. If You’ve Been Thinking About Shaping Up But Haven’t Been Motivated To Begin Then We’re Her To Help. There Are So Many Ways To Get The Physical Activity That You Need. From Group Fitness Sessions To Maintaining Muscle Through Strength Training. Swimming Lessons, And Walking Or Jogging To Maintain A Healthy Cardiovascular Level. Creating Your Own Personal Wellness Program Will Help You In Achieving Your Goals.Read About The Things You’ll Need To Begin Your Fitness Journey Which Will Lead To A Much Better And Healthier Life. Get Fitness Tips And The Gear You Need To Age Gracefully.

Live You Best Life Through Fitness

Getting older is no excuse for not being fit. If you're a man or woman over 50 there are some things to keep in mind that may not have seemed so important before. Your body is different now, but there are ways to keep in shape at any age. 

  • Cardio Training. Maintaining a good cardio level is the place to begin. Try low impact exescise to protect your joints and skeletal structure. Work your way up to 20 minutes of exercise that increases your respiration and heart rate. Don't push yourself but try to get better with every workout. A good way to judge if you're not over doing it is to use the talk method. If you can carry on a conversation while you do your cardio you're not pushing too hard. Some great exercises are walking, eliptical machines, biking, swimming and any other workouts that don't put too much stress on your joints. Also to keep from losing interest get yourself some quality workout clothes. Looking good while you exercise will make it easier to stay motivated. Take a look at the workout clothes we've selected so that you can look your best while you get in shape.
  • Strength Training. Maintaining muscle mass becomes harder as we age. But for keeping up your quality of life building and maintaining your strength is very important. Now you probably won't end up looking like Mr. or Ms. Olympia but you can tone your body to increase your mobility and protect your skeletal system through smart strength training. Resistance workouts are also necessary for good posture. Stay with a moderate amount of weight to lift. You want to have good resistance but not too much stress on joints. Try hand weights and weight machines. You will experience some muscle soreness when you are starting out but as you progress this will go away and your body will crave muscle building exercise. Above all be careful and don't try too much too soon. Your joints and spine aren't what the used to be!
  • Flexibility Exercise. You'll need to incorporate stretching exercises into your routine to reduce the risk of injury as well as increase your range of motion. Again, being safe is the most important thing for you as a person over 50. Don't over do it but make sure that you include stretching in every workout. Start by simply trying to touch your toes. Or alternately turning your head from left to right as far as you can. You might join a Yoga or Pilates class at your local gym. These are normally group activities with a skilled instructor. Exercising in a group makes it much easier to stay motivated and achieve your goals. Flexibility workouts are also very important for the spine. Many of us as we get older tend to have back problems. The best way to avoid this is to always make sure that you do some kind of stretching everyday. Even while you're just watching television or doing nothing in particular make it a habit to stretch your arms, legs and even your fingers while otherwise relaxing. Good habits are key to good health! 

Get The Workout Clothes That You'll Need

Workout Clothes For Women

Ready to get in shape? Let’s get going with the proper clothing and shoes. It’s very important to have workout clothes the fit properly and allow for you to move freely. We have selected fitness clothes for women in a wide variety of types. Whatever kind of fitness routine you prefer you’ll find what you need here. 

From yoga, cardio, strength training, Pilates to running or walking we’ve assembled a great assortment of fitness wear to suit your needs. Look for something that not only looks good but iyems that you would be comfortable in while you’re all sweaty and hot. Light weight clothes for working out indoors and heavier items when you’re exercising outdoors like running and walking. 

Also getting the right footwear is as if not more important than your clothes. There are different types of shoes for all different workout routines.

Workout Tops, Bottoms And Shoes For Women

Men's Fitness Wear

As guys get older it becomes increasingly harder to stay motivated. Well having the proper fitness clothing helps. You’ll need different items depending on what types of workouts you will be doing. For strength training you should select clothes that offer some support. Keeping your muscles warm is also a consideration. For exercising involving more movement get clothes that offer more freedom of movement. Loose fitting clothes also help you stay cooler. Workout routines like group cardio and yoga require you to be able to move more. 

 If working out outdoors be sure to select items that will keep you warm in the fall and winter and clothes that will help you stay cool in the hot summer months.  Also select the right shoes for your particular fitness pursuits. Shoes must offer support and be comfortable at the same time. Getting the perfect fit that achieves both goals is important to allow you to work longer and harder.

Workout Tops, Bottoms And Shoes For Men

Workout Accessories

We also have selected a variety of fitness accessories for you to use on your health journey. We’ve selected gear such as fitness trackers. These are essential for keeping track of your progress. They also allow you to monitor things like heart rate and distance traveled. There are other things like braces, gloves and supports. As we age it’s very important to reduce the risk of injury. The older we get the harder it is to recover.

 If you like to workout at home try getting your own exercise machines. You can get weight machines, stationary bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, and rowing machines. Man7y older adults find that having the workout gear at home allows them to workout more because they don’t have to make the trip to the gym and back home. With your own home gym you can get fit at your own pace and not be tied to a gym schedule. 

Fitness Trackers, Gloves, Mats, Waist Trainers, And Much More

Get Started Getting In Shape Today!

There’s no time like the present to get going on living your best life. To begin it’s important to get the right fitness gear to achieve your goals. When you look better you feel better but always remember that avoiding injury and making your workouts comfortable are of the utmost importance. 

 Select the right workout clothing and shoes for whatever activities you intend to pursue. There is such a huge variety of workout clothes so be sure to select the right stuff. We have a great selection of fitness gear for older women and men to help you get started.

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